If you do not wish a man to do a thing, you had better get him to talk about it; for the more men talk, the more likely they are to do nothing else.

Thomas Carlyle

Staff Contacts

RBC_Exec_Photo_2015Executive Management Team

Roger F. Smith, CEO/President
Direct: (706)236-3551 (NMLS# 793108)

Connie J. Williams, CFO/COO
Direct: (706)236-3552

Grant Espy, CCO
Direct: (706)236-3531

Retail Banking

Jennifer Selman, Retail Banking Manager
Direct: (706)236-3553

Angie Beard, Vice President, Private Banking
Direct: (706)236-3522 (NMLS# 793109)

River City Ramblers

Sue White, Coordinator
Direct: (706)236-3554

Trust and Brokerage

David Tomlin, SVP – Trust
Direct: (706)236-3536

Rob Masters, VP – Trust
Direct: (706)236-3549

Kitty Barton, Financial Advisor
Direct: (706)314-2051

Nancy Taylor, Trust Operations Manager
Direct: (706)236-3561

Lynn Terrell, Trust Operations Associate
Direct: (706)236-3530

Commercial Banking

Clem Trammell, Senior Vice President
Direct: (706)236-3533 (NMLS# 793106)

Jack Smith, Asst. Vice President
Direct: (706)236-3532 (NMLS# 793107)

David Mullinax, Commercial Lender
Direct: (706)314-2052 (NMLS# 684350)

Consumer Lending

Jack Smith, Asst. Vice President
Direct: (706)236-3532 (NMLS# 793107)

Bryan Shealy, Consumer Lending Officer
Direct: (706)236-3538 (NMLS# 793111)


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