Our Story

Bold Beginnings

River City Bank Rome GAFrom its inception, River City Bank’s mission has been to serve Rome and Northwest Georgia in the same unique way that those who live here are themselves unique.  Simply being another bank was not an option. When rumor had it that River City was going to open up in Rome, some wondered if the city really needed yet another bank.  But as its founders have expressed over and over again, River City Bank is not just another impersonal bank, but one composed of local bankers and shareholders who are already an integral part of the community and have its interests at heart.
With this in mind, the founders of River City Bank began organizing in 2005 seeking to gather the best and brightest from the banking industry.  In 2006, they purchased the lot at 228 North Second Avenue in Rome, the former location of the well-known Rome Seed & Feed.  With the bank leadership team in place, things began to move quickly. A temporary building was constructed on the lot on Second Avenue, and on May 23, 2006, operations were opened to the public. Enjoying great community reception, River City Bank exceeded the goal of $31 million in assets by over $10 million in just the first quarter of operations.

Growing Strong

In November of 2006, the groundbreaking ceremony for the main building was held, and a little over a year later, the main building opened its doors for business.  This main building is host to a number of unique features, ones that are intended not only to serve customers quickly and efficiently, but to eliminate the impersonal in banking transactions and to facilitate community functions.  Instead of the normal queue for a teller, customers visit one of several desks where cross-trained community banking associates assist them.  Pneumatic tubes, those typically used outside at drive-up windows, are instead located throughout the bank, where transactions can be sent to the “money center” while conversations continue between customer and banker.  The building also provides a “kiddie room” complete with coloring books, puzzles, and a drawing board. The second floor of the building houses a training room, boardroom, and outdoor patio, and along with the third floor meeting room, they are actively used by civic groups throughout our community.
In the same spirit as these rooms are made available for public use, River City Bank has also been proud to be able to participate in such a warm and vibrant community.  River City Bank and its staff are active members of the Rome-Floyd Chamber and actively participate in the Business Expo, support the library summer reading program, Boys and Girls Club,  Rome Little Theatre, DIGS and the list goes on.  From Relay for Life to local job fairs and distributing free tickets to community events, River City Bank has made its presence known in the community and always strives to give something back.

Poised for Continued Growth

We look forward to a bright future serving Rome and Northwest Georgia. We hope that you’ll consider joining the bank that has changed – and is still changing – the banking landscape in Northwest Georgia.

River City Bank. Passion Service Excellence