Businesses need an abundance of innovative ideas in order to succeed in this difficult economy. It’s all too easy to blame the economy, but there are many ways businesses can succeed through customer focused innovation.


The good news is: Periods of economic stress are usually followed by new innovative ideas, especially in small business. This stems from a basic business need to retain and attract customers with what the customer perceives as value. Small businesses understand this and are able to fare better in an economic downturn because we think fast. We are in a better position to move very quickly in terms of how we align our resources and address customer needs. That’s just the way we’re used to doing it, in good times and bad. It all stems from the passion we have for our business and our customers.

Innovation does not come without cost. In these times, small businesses must focus on the customer, costs and cash flow. To fuel innovation, small businesses need to re-evaluate their priorities, and their business model, in order to pinpoint problems and goals to provide innovations to products and service offerings.

Now is the time for business owners to innovate and make an investment in their business. To build up a customer base that can support their efforts in an economic downturn. What may matter most is the commitment to innovative change, the tolerance for taking acceptable risks, and management’s ability to lead smart.