Online Banking

It’s like your typical online banking, only much smarter!

With River City Bank’s Online Banking system, you can take charge of your finances in a variety of ways:

  • View account summary for custom date ranges,  conduct detailed transaction search, and view checks that have cleared.
  • Set up account transfers that are either one-time or recurring
    Want to put away $50 from your checking account every month? You can set that once and save effortlessly!
  • Pay bills online and on time!  Enter your bill when you get it in the mail and set the date you want it to pay and then forget about it.  Let our system do the rest.
  • View and Reconcile your statement easily.
  • Utilize helpful calculators to plan, track, and save:
    • Use retirement calculators to find out exactly how much you need to save each month to meet your retirement goal.
    • Use mortgage calculators to determine monthly payments based on loan amount and interest rate;
    • Use our handy loan calculators to find out what you’ll pay each month for that new car or other purchase.
    • Plan with savings calculators;
    • Get organized with cash flow analyzers that help you create and track your monthly budget.
  • Set custom alerts for you or a joint account holder!  Get an alert email when your account hits a certain balance, or get regular balance updates daily or weekly.
    Want to know when your account falls below $100? Sign up for our alerts, and you’ll get an email message so you can follow up.  Great for parents and children, setting spending limits, or savings goals!


As always, the site is safe and secure.  To sign up, simply contact us at 706-236-2123 or use our online contact form.

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