Trust Services

MAUI Web LoginOur Trust Department can assist you with investment management, trust administration, and estate planning.  We understand that every case is a little bit different, and that you deserve someone who is looking out for you.  We will get to know your individual and family situations and come alongside you in making sure that you get where you want to be financially.

Your Only Local Option

So much of what affects a family’s options and opportunities requires intimate, personal knowledge of individual history and family make-up.  We are the only option in Rome, Georgia where you can still talk directly to a local Trust Department employee about your financial and family concerns.  We live in town. You know us and our families.  You will never be directed to a customer service center where an agent is using your electronic profile to advise you.

Relationship-Based Planning

Relationship-based financial planning is the only way to do business, we think. A local advisor shares your values, knows your goals and aspirations, and is personally accountable for the advice given.  We know we’ll run into our clients at the grocery store or church or some other event, so we know that our recommendations and expert opinions must be sound and that our communication must be consistent and clear.

Your Advocate, Not Your Broker

We have no products to sell and we are not compensated on commission.  We are your advocate.  Our job is not necessarily to know everything, but to know who does.  When there is a problem in the financial arena, we identify it and help resolve it.

Our Services

  • Investment Management Agencies
  • Estate Settlement
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts
  • Insurance Trusts
  • Foundation Administration & Investments
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